About us

About the YMCA

The YMCA, Young Men's Christian Association, is a voluntary, international, Christian, ecumenical movement that strives to reflect the cultural identity of the Nation in which it exists and serves. First started in London, England, in 1844 by a group of young men, the YMCA concept spread rapidly to every continent of the world. Today, there are YMCAs in 122 countries and regions as nonprofit organizations. YMCAs, sharing the life of love and service manifested in Jesus Christ, offer opportunities for individuals and families to grow in spirit, mind and body at every life stage.

The YMCA's Instills These Basic Principles & Values in Their Activities:

  • To respect one's own life & values as well as those of others.
  • To feel & understand the responsibilities of being a citizen and a family member.
  • To view the world & the earth with an open mind.
  • To appreciate the spirit of volunteering & learn leadership skills.
  • To enhance one's own health & to encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • Caring, Honesty, Responsibility, & Respect.

Yokohama YMCA - Our Identity and Mission

We, the Yokohama YMCA, hereby declare our Identity and Mission. The work of the Yokohama YMCA will continue to focus on developing human potential and creating a just and peaceful global society, guided by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Specifically, we will strive to:

  • Foster respect for people regardless of culture, race, color or belief in order to live together in harmony.
  • Cultivate a spirit of service and volunteerism, based on the love and spirit of Jesus Christ.
  • Help people to respect themselves and to understand their purpose in life and their place in the natural world. Created by God.
  • Instill the values of freedom, equality, social justice, and cooperation while working toward the elimination of discrimination and poverty.
  • Create more opportunities for international exchange, cooperation and sharing as a way of creating a truly global society.