The work that YMCAs have done in each area are as follows.


Morioka YMCA has sent staffs and volunteers to Miyako city, one of the most affected areas. They are working closely with the churches in this area. Yokohama YMCA sent directors to help them for one week, and the National Council of YMCAs of Japan sent special mountaineers too. Staffs and volunteers will be sent there from other YMCAs such as Yokohama YMCA, Kobe YMCA, the National Council of YMCAs of Japan and so on.
Miyako city is the seaside area in Iwate prefecture in the north, and the highest tsunami came there. Over 1,500 people are still missing. It takes more than 10 hours from Tokyo to Miyako by car, and it’s far from Tokyo compared with Miyagi prefecture. Because of the ria coast, most roads were cut off by tsunami. Many senior people live in this area, and they worry about the lack of relief supplies and daily medicine for a long time. Houses were damaged and it’s hard to remove their furniture which is heavier than before because of its muddiness by themselves. Miyako city is the countryside where local tie is strong, and it is also hard to build trust between local people and supporters from outside. YMCA are trying to communicate with them spending much time.


Sendai YMCA started to offer place to stay and foods to help the victims right after the earthquake. We sent the staffs from Kyoto YMCA, Yokohama YMCA, Kobe YMCA and the National Council of YMCAs of Japan to explore the situation and victims’ needs. Tokyo YMCA and Y’s Men’s Clubs brought the relief supplies to the affected area.
Now, electricity and water system are recovered in the area where YMCA locates. Sendai YMCA’s volunteer center was set up on March 22, and they started to support three nearby areas on the coast damaged by tsunami. Local YMCA will send a team of coordinators and volunteers through the National Council of YMCAs of Japan for a week continuously.

This disaster damaged wide area and aftershock is still continuing. While search for missing people continues in many areas, sending volunteers to the affected area is controversial because of lack of the basic needs including gas for cars, and bad traffic. However, it is clear that many issues are not addressed properly by government, and expectancy to NGOs like YMCA which have experience and know-how is high.


Yokohama YMCA has sent their staffs to the affected areas to support especially Miyako city where Morioka YMCA is supporting. Since April, Yokohama YMCA also sent many volunteers to Sendai YMCA Volunteer Center. got many resources and support through their network.

Yokohama YMCA is going to support those people who are suffering from this disaster.

YMCAs in Japan unite together to raise the fund and to overcome this tragedy.
We really appreciate continuous support and solidarity. We also really appreciate any other organization from abroad to support us strongly. We need your pray and continuous support.

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